Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two more families take advantage of Fundraiser

Two more families participated in the VUSC Family Portrait Fundraiser and got their pictures taken last weekend. The Diaz Family who were referred by RoxAnne Eason-Webber braved the cold weather Sunday morning and posed for some great family shots! They even brought their dog along which we included in a few of the photographs!
The Eason-Webber Family also braved the wind and cold weather to get their family portraits done. RoxAnne is a past client of mine and was very happy to participate in this Fundraiser and support VUSC.
Thank you to both families for your support! And I hope you enjoyed your experience!

The Diaz Family: Sal, Perla, Sal, Jason and Ruby.
With the family dog: Beau!
What a great looking Family!
We also took some photos of just the kids!

The Eason-Webber Family had to endure some gusty winds throughout the entire photoshoot. But you wouldn't know it from this photo!
Another great looking Family!
The three "boys" in the family: Randy, Noah and Vaughn!

At the end, the boys wanted to take some "crazy" pictures!Well, I had a great time once again and hope they did too! To see more of my work, visit:

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