Friday, November 6, 2009

VUSC struggling part 2

Nicholas' soccer team continues to struggle. Last week's game against Sherman Oaks Extreme looked promising with a 0-0 score until the last minute of the game when Sherman Oaks finally scored, making this the 6th loss in a row for Valley United Black. On a positive note, Austin, one of our top defenders who had been on the injured list for the whole month of October was finally able to get back on the field. Here are some more photos from the last few games:

Bryant, continues to be strong in the center midfield.

Junior has been playing many positions this past month; from defense to midfielder, he always gives his best.

We are glad to see Austin back out on the field! His speed is definitely needed at this level of play!

Giovanni is our newest player; although he hasn't played many minutes, he has given his all every time.

Thank God for Michael! He has been incredible in goal during this difficult period!

Eli is also one of the most consistent player on the field. He is also the most poised player, especially when taking a PK!

Alec has had some tough battles as the forward of the team.

Michael volunteered as a defender when Austin got injured and he has proven to be a great defender!

There are only a few more games left until the end of the season. Let's hope that Valley United Black can win a few of them and regain their confidence!
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