Friday, July 30, 2010

Pyramid Lake 2010

This past Wednesday, July 28th,
we went for our annual trip to Pyramid Lake
for some Jet Skiing Fun with our good friend: Greg Timbers.
It was a beautiful day and as usual, we all had a great time.
The kids took turn Jet Skiing with Greg as he is more experienced
than Allan and can really give you a thrilling ride!

After a great morning,
we decided to have lunch. And while we were sitting on the beach
eating our sandwiches, The Hartigans show up!
What a small world!! Turns out, they go to Pyramid Lake every year
for a company picnic. Of course, the kids asked if they could go "tubing"
with them! Christina and Hailey had a blast
and the boys experienced a major "Splash down"
after the raft got turned over! It was all good fun!

Even John and Beverly got to try out Greg's Jet Skis!

It was a beautiful day and the memories
will stay with us for a long time (or until next year)!
To see more photos of our trip to Pyramid Lake, visit:

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