Monday, December 20, 2010

Decorating the Christmas Tree

This week end, we went to pick out our Christmas tree, despite the rain. 
This has become a family tradition. 
We all go together and decide which is the best tree for our family. 
We always purchase a Noble Fur; the branches are a little more sturdy than the 
Douglas Fur and holds heavier ornaments.
This year, we found a beautiful Noble Fur of about 8 feet tall, that we all liked.
After stringing the lights, I let the kids hang the ornaments; 
It didn't take long before it was completely decorated!
Here are a few pictures:

A few more years and Nicholas will be old enough to string the lights
and all three of them will be able to hang the ornaments on their own...
All I'll have to do is to supervise!
But in the meantime, I enjoy spending time with the family,
decorating the tree, baking, or wrapping presents...
It puts me in the spirit of the holidays!

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