Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chino Milkcan Soccer Tournament

This week end was a very busy one: both Nicholas' and Anthony's soccer teams were playing in the Chino Milkcan tournament. Nicholas' team, the Crossfire, played a total of 6 games in 3 days and finished in third place for the boys U12 division. Anthony's team, the Crew, played three games in two days and finished with a record of 2 wins and one loss. Unfortunately, they did not have enough points to advance to the semi-finals. However, their last game was against a team that defeated them before and they manage to pull out a win, ending their season on a positive note!
Here are a few action shots from the tournament!
Anthony played well this tournament and scored two goals in the first game!

The Canyon Country Crossfire has won another third place!

Nicholas had his ups and downs during this tournament but managed to score two goals and had two assists!

Cesar, AKA "Tiny" entertained everyone between games by imitating Coach Alec... very funny!

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