Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hiking 8/22/09

Today, the whole family went on a nice hike at Ed Townsley Park. The sky was overcast and a few drops of rain fell on our heads as we were walking along the trail. But overall, it was a perfect day for a hike. We took Rocky and Catie along with us and had to limit our walk to 1.5 hours as Catie (who is now 12 years old) was starting to have difficulties keeping up with us. I brought my camera along and Anthony took our little Canon G5 point and shoot camera. He and Christina took turn taking photos, while Allan and Nicholas led the way with the two dogs.
Since I was a bad mom and didn't take any photos of the kids on their first day back to school, I figured I could use these photos as their "back-to-school" shots!

Christina started 3rd grade this year and already had to change classroom as her school is making adjustments to accommodate last minute registrations.

Anthony is now in 5th grade and his teacher also taught Nicholas. It didn't take long for Mrs. Kurimoto to call Anthony, "Nicholas"! They might look alike but she will soon find out that their personality is completely different!

Nicholas entered 8th grade this year and will be graduating from Junior High in the Spring! Time sure flies!

The scenery was beautiful and everyone really enjoyed a nice hike!

Finally, at the end of our walk, the kids posed for one last shot. It is always difficult to get all three kids and both dogs to look in the same direction at the same time... but this time I was fast enough to catch this photo. The kids look serious, but these days, the "serious" look is better than their "fake" smile!

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