Friday, August 14, 2009

Noah & Vaughn - August 12th, 2009

We met the Webber-Eason family last Fall at soccer (big surprise!). Allan chose Noah as one of the All Stars player and offered him a spot on the Canyon Country Crew. What a great soccer player he is! He is also a very fast runner and both he and his brother participated in track & field in the Spring.
This photoshoot was done at Canyon Country Park on Wednesday, August 12th. The boys started off a little shy but pretty soon their personality came out! They are quite a pair... and best of all, they gladly tried anything I suggested without any complaints!

I knew Noah had a great personality from watching him during soccer practices and games! Always a smile on his face and always trying his best! That's what I remembered about Noah!

Vaughn was a little shy at first but tried very hard to do what was asked of him. He is at the age where he is learning how to smile without forcing it... he still needs a little more practice! But overall, he was awesome!

This first shot was taken at the end of our session and the boys were definitely getting tired of "smiling on command"!

Well, this is it for now... I sure had a great time and I hope the boys did too.

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