Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet the Santa Clarita Spartans!

Things are finally looking up for Nicholas and his soccer team. After leaving VUSC, he joined Santa Clarita United and started practicing with their current team. They welcomed him with opened arms and Nicholas felt comfortable right away. When VUSC split up a few months back, many of Nicholas' old team mates joined him and started practicing with SCU. The two groups of boys compliment each other and together they make a pretty strong team!
Last week, this new team, now called the Santa Clarita Spartans, signed up for a Spring league in the San Fernando Valley. They played their first game this past Saturday and lost 0-1 to a U15 Silver team! These photos were taken at the game:

These first 14 players are all U14 and are the core group:

These last three players are U15 and will not play with us in the Fall. They are joining the team only for the Spring league .

To see more photos of the Santa Clarita Spartans, visit my website at: www.nathalieseguinphotography.com/Soccer/spartans

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