Friday, March 5, 2010

Walking Adventures in Santa Clarita- Week 1

Here is the thing: no matter how much I take my camera out, there’s only so many pictures I can take of my kids, pets, and house! I have been itching to shoot something else for a long time… but what?
I have been looking at different photography projects from all kinds of photographers, hoping to get inspired. And then, this week, I found it! I read a Blog Post on Digital Photography School about different photo projects, and I found one that was just right for me: 52 Photowalks.
It requires me to get out of the house once a week and go on a "photographic walking adventure". Why did I chose this kind of project? First and foremost, because I only have to do it once a week (instead of once a day for a 365 project). Second, I love walking or hiking. And third, it forces me to look around and take pictures of things rather than people (which is really what I prefer doing).
So I decided to get started! This week, I went to Canyon Country Park, in Canyon Country, CA. I have been there so many times with the kids and have always taken photos of the kids at the park but I never really took photos of the park itself.
For those of you who have never been to Canyon Country Park, it has multiple levels and a walking path that takes you to these levels. There are two play structures, and plenty of open spaces. I started at the top level and made my way to the bottom level, trying to see things that I had never "seen" before. For example, there are many engravings on the trees; hearts with lovers initials, initials of people wanting to leave a mark of their presence, etc... And the views from the top levels are pretty impressive. I was also happy to see so many flowers in bloom at this time of year!
It was a beautiful day and I had a great time! I am already looking forward to my next excursion next week... let's hope I still fell that way on week 50!

To see more photos from my "Walking Adventures in Santa Clarita", visit my website:
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  1. These are some beautiful photos, Nathalie! I love the flower shot - awesome!