Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth of July with Friends

For the Fourth of July, we went to Santa Monica Beach and met with our good friends: the Scagliones. We have known them for about 10 years now and our kids have grown together! Christina and Sammy are best friends and so are Nicholas and Dominic. Anthony and Sophia used to play together when they were young but now that they are older, their interests are different. Even so, they all play together and get along fabulously! And last Saturday was no different... they all had a great time and enjoyed the beach!

Here are the girls: Christina, Sammy and Sophia.

The boys: Anthony, Nicholas and Dominic.

Sammy is Christina's best friend!

The girls trying to catch some waves...

Sammy was pretty happy to catch this one! She calls herself a beginner compared to Christina!

Nicholas, giving some last minute instructions to Dominic!

And Dominic was able to catch a few good ones!

Sophia didn't go in the water but was happy just watching her brother and sister try some Boogie Boarding.

And that's it for now... I am sure that there will be more photos of the Scagliones in future posts as they are the closest we have to family, here, in California!

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