Friday, July 31, 2009

Pyramide Lake, CA

Yesterday, the whole family went to Pyramide Lake for some Jet Skiing and some fun in the sun; Greg Timbers, a long time friend, has been taking Allan and the boys Jet skiing once a year for the past few years. And last year, when Nicholas came down with a fever the day of the trip, Christina jumped in and had a blast! It was then decided that from now on, the whole family should go.

Greg has been a family friend for a long time and the kids love to spend time with him; probably because he loves kids and is a kid at heart! In any case, since he is the owner of two 3-persons Jet Skis, he was able to take the 5 of us for some very cool rides!

The kids love to go with Greg because he is not afraid of going fast, taking sharp turns, and getting them completely soaked! It's like going on a water ride at an amusement park!

Even Christina prefers to ride with Greg... She is fearless!
Anthony came back from one of his ride and said: "I forgot my goggles and couldn't open my eyes because Greg goes so fast!"

Allan took the kids for some rides too on the other jet ski... but he doesn't go as fast as Greg and doesn't get them soaked!

And of course, all three kids wished that they could drive the jet skis themselves!

There was also a lot of relaxation, swimming and just watching the others...

What a great day we had... thank you Greg! We can't wait 'till next year!
Anthony (10 y.o.), Christina (7 y.o.), Greg and Nicholas (12 y.o.).

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