Sunday, July 26, 2009

iheartfaces entry

Found this great website on Facebook and decided to participate in the weekly contest. This weeks theme is "The Beach". Now for me, this was incredibly difficult since we go to the beach A LOT and I have tons of photos! But I decided to enter this one of Christina and Nicholas, taken earlier in July.

If you want to see more entry in this weeks contest and maybe enter a photo yourself, you should definitely check out the iheartfaces website. And don't forget to leave me some comments about this photo...


  1. cute ! we've got some swim trunks like that at our house too I think:)


  2. Look at the ocean waves gorgeous pic of the kids
    I have a 16x20 Canvas Print GIveaway you can get this pic Enlarged if you win
    Come on by

    C U then

  3. what a great shot! I love the colors. I just get giddy when I capture great shots like this of my kids.

  4. Beautifully composed shot. And the colors are so "beachy" (imagine that!) I like it a lot.

  5. Great composiion and I love that they have looked back AND smiled. My kids are too focused on water to do that for me. :)

  6. Beautiful! Such calm, dreamy colors...


  7. Looks like such a fun time. I looked at some of your other posts on your blog; I saw even more wonderful beach photos.