Friday, January 8, 2010

Hiking in Santa Clarita

I love this time of the year! The weather is usually pretty nice, the very busy soccer season is over and we get most of our week ends back! Which means hiking for our family. We started the New Year with a visit to Vasquez Rocks on Saturday 01/02/10. The whole family went (even the dogs). The kids had a lot of fun climbing the rock formations and Allan and myself walked around with the dogs trying to figure out where the kids would reappear!

Then on Monday, the kids wanted to go back again! So we returned to Vasquez Rocks, this time without the dogs. This way, I could follow the kids around and do a little climbing myself!

Finally, yesterday, Thursday 01/07/10, we went to visit Placerita Canyon. Their are lots of hiking trails there and we decided to try out the Los Pinetos Saddle Trail. This was a completely different kind of hiking trail; lots of trees and plants, and a lot of walking up hill! We didn't make it to the end of the trail... we were getting too tired and had to take a few minutes to rest at one point. But it was a lot of fun anyways.

We are very lucky to live in Santa Clarita where the hiking trails are abundant and so different! And so far this year, we have been blessed with beautiful weather! Hopefully 2010, will continue to be mild and sunny so we can continue to discover new hiking trails!

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  1. Hi Nathalie. I have just been browsing your archives and wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing your work. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing.