Thursday, October 29, 2009

Valley United Soccer Club struggling

The month of October has been difficult for Nicholas and his soccer team, Valley United Black. They have lost 2 key defenders due to injury (Austin broke bones in his foot and has been out for the whole month of October, and Daniel sustained a hairline fracture of the left wrist in a game a few weeks ago). As a result, they have lost their last 5 games! Despite playing well and trying hard, the boys have been unable to put the ball in the net which only made the losses worst. The team's morale has been pretty low this past month. Hopefully times ahead will be better.

Daniel broke his wrist in a game a few weeks ago and will be out for at least another 2 weeks.

Some players continue to stay strong and give their 100% at every game; Trevor is one of those!

Cesar is also a player who never gives up. He has been rock solid during these trying times.

Nicholas had a touch of the flu earlier this month but is feeling much better and has been playing some of his best soccer in the last 2 games.

Ariel has shown that he can truly be an asset in the midfield and has earn an increase in playing time.

Cody has been solid no matter what position he's playing and has filled in for our missing defenders.
Jacob has also been playing hard and has been giving 100% effort every game.

Finally, Zack has demonstrated that he is back in shape and keeps hustling every time he is on the field.
Many other players deserve to be recognized for their effort which is why I will have another post about VUSC next week. So stay tuned and until then, you can see more photos of VUSC at:

Monday, October 26, 2009

iheartface contest entry - "Halloween Dress-Up"

The theme this week, at iheartfaces is "Halloween Dress-Up". I love taking photos at Halloween; the costumes are so colorful, and the kids are usually pretty good sports about taking photos because they want to show off their costumes! I chose this photo from Halloween 2007 because it's the last Halloween portrait of all three of my kids together.
Last year Nicholas broke his arm a few weeks before Halloween and decided that he was not going to dress up and go trick or treating! I was a little sad but I figured he will have a few more year to enjoy Halloween. So I am looking forward to next weekend when all three kids dress-up again and let me take a whole bunch or pictures of them!

Anthony was dressed up as a "hobo", Nicholas was a "dead buckaneer" and Christina was an "Asian Princess".
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet the Pineapple Strikers!

Meet the Pineapple Strikers; an AYSO U8 Girls team from Canyon Country. This is my daughter Christina's soccer team and my husband, Allan is the Coach! This is a great group of young athletes who show a lot of heart and always give 100% of themselves. And it pays: so far, the Pineapple Strikers is undefeated (a big accomplishment since there is no keeper at this age level!) So I thought it was time to introduce this great bunch!

Andrea is one of the younger members but also a fiece competitor!

Christina, my daughter, is a great midfielder, even though she can play pretty much everywhere on the field!

Iliana is one great stopper! She has a "huge foot" which is a soccer term for big kick!

Isabella is a quiet one off the field, but on the field, she knows how to let her presence known!

Mariah is one of the younger players who has no fear and knows how to put it in the net!
Mia, the assistant coaches daughter and one great defender. Although, just like Christina she can play just about anywhere on the field!And last but not least, Sara! She is probably our top scorer and can also play any position.

Well, this is it! 7 players in all! If you want to see more photos of the Pineapple Strikers, go visit my website at: http://www.nathalieseguinphotography/soccer

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

iheartface contest entry - "Pink Week"

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this week's theme at iheartfaces is "Pink Week". And I wish I had a clever or profound photograph to remind us of all the women who have been touched by this disease, but I don't. So instead, I am posting a photo of my daughter Christina, last Halloween. She was dressed like a Diva, all in pink and was truly acting like one when I took this shot!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tenth Place Winner!

This week, I entered a photograph in a contest at I Heart Faces and was honored with a tenth place. The theme was "excited" and there were over 490 entries! I found this site by accident and fell in love with it! Not only do they have weekly contest (which are easy to enter), but I love the tutorials and the giveaways!
Thank you I Heart Faces and this week's guest judge: Raya Carlisle for this honor!
To see my winning entry, go to this page.
And to see more soccer photos, visit my website at:

Monday, October 12, 2009

iheartface contest entry - excited!

This week's contest at iheartfaces is excited! And I knew right away which photo I wanted to enter. This is a photo of my son Nicholas and his friend Trevor getting excited after a goal. I have to admit, my boy is very competitive and very expressive and he is always the first to congratulate his team mates after they score a goal.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two more families take advantage of Fundraiser

Two more families participated in the VUSC Family Portrait Fundraiser and got their pictures taken last weekend. The Diaz Family who were referred by RoxAnne Eason-Webber braved the cold weather Sunday morning and posed for some great family shots! They even brought their dog along which we included in a few of the photographs!
The Eason-Webber Family also braved the wind and cold weather to get their family portraits done. RoxAnne is a past client of mine and was very happy to participate in this Fundraiser and support VUSC.
Thank you to both families for your support! And I hope you enjoyed your experience!

The Diaz Family: Sal, Perla, Sal, Jason and Ruby.
With the family dog: Beau!
What a great looking Family!
We also took some photos of just the kids!

The Eason-Webber Family had to endure some gusty winds throughout the entire photoshoot. But you wouldn't know it from this photo!
Another great looking Family!
The three "boys" in the family: Randy, Noah and Vaughn!

At the end, the boys wanted to take some "crazy" pictures!Well, I had a great time once again and hope they did too! To see more of my work, visit: