Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soccer - Week 1

Saturday, September 11th, was a day to remember all the Americans who have died 9 years ago
in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
and the ones who have died since, while protecting our freedom.
Canyon Country AYSO asked all the teams who played on that day 
to do something special to remember.
Christina's team,
the Smashing Pumpkins went all out to show their support!
There was face painting,
and special red, white and blue ribbons for their hair.
There was also a poster and a specially decorated soccer ball for the game. There were little flags for each girl and decorated umbrellas! I would say that the Smashing Pumpkins really showed 
how much they care!

I would also like to thank the Smashing Pumpkins' Coach Teresa and Team Mom, Michele for all their hard work on making this day a day to remember!!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Summer in Review - i heart faces entry

This week at i heart faces it's 
"My Summer in Review" week. 
So here is a recap of all the fun things that happened this summer!

Our summer started on Memorial Day with a trip to the beach!
The boys were anxious to try out their new toys: Anthony got a surf board for Christmas
and Nicholas got a new Skimboard last October for his birthday!
Anthony did a lot of surfing this summer!

We also went to Florida in July. 
The Canyon Country Crew participated in the AYSO National Games!
Anthony's team did great and 
we got to spend some time with Grandpa Borge!

One of our families most memorable event while in Florida 
was the time we spent snorkeling!
We had a blast and hope to do it again sometime soon!

When we got back to California, we spent a few days with 
my brother Sylvain, his wife Caroline and his three daughters:
Audrey, Amelie, and Laurence.
We took them to the beach and then my brother 
requested to go and visit the desert!
We took him to "Vasquez Rocks", probably more exciting than the desert 
but just as hot and dry!

And a the end of July, 
we went for our annual trip to Pyramid Lake.
Every year we go Jet Skiing with our friend Greg Timbers.
This year we had a wonderful time once again!

In August we spent more time at the beach...
The kids continue to enjoy spending time there 
but for different reasons now:
boogie boarding, once a family favorite, 
has now been replaced by:
surfing for Anthony,
and skimboarding for Nicholas.
Even Christina is learning to skimboard!

It wasn't the best summer in terms of weather... We had many overcast days at the beach.
But despite the so-so weather and the cold water, we still had fun.
And we are already looking forward to next summer...

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new soccer season starting soon!

Soccer is an integral part of my family's life; 
All three kids play and Allan coaches them. 
Christina and Anthony are still playing for AYSO: 
Christina is now in U10, a competitive division with a chance to participate in area Playoffs. 
Anthony is in his last year of U12 and with three years as an All Star and three Tournament seasons, 
he is ready. This should be a good year for him!
As for Nicholas, after a disappointing season with Valley United Soccer Club last year,
he is now ready to start the 2010 season with his new team: the SCV Magic Green.
Nicholas and Allan with their new team: the SCV Magic Green.
Looking at the schedule for the next 3 months, I am overwhelmed! 
It's going to be a busy Fall season!
But I wouldn't change a thing! Watching my kids on the soccer field is wonderful!
Watching them grow physically but also as social beings; 
learning to be part of a team, learning how to take a defeat and how to win like champions... 
Life lessons that you can only learn from participating in a organized sport!
And the friendships...
Just thinking of it gives me goose bumps! 
But it's mostly the memories that stay with us that matter. 
And of course, capturing these moments is what I enjoy the most!
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And stay tuned for more soccer photos in the near future!