Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cute As A Button

My friend, Jade Lansing, recently started her own home based business: "Cute As A Button".
After having her little girl, 
she realized how much stuff one needs for their little one. 
So she started making her own baby items and is now selling them. 
From nursing covers to canopy covers, headbands, burp cloths, 
Lovie blankets and so much more. 
A few weeks back, she asked if I could take photos
of her items to display.
So, here are some of the items I photographed:

Nursing Cover

Receiving Blankets

Maya Ring Sling

To see more baby items visit Cute As A Button.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

GVHS Cross Country

When Nicholas signed up for Cross Country at Golden Valley High School, 
he wasn't even sure if he was going to make the team.
This was just something to do instead of P.E. and it is a sport that compliments soccer well.
He got to know his coaches and team mates during the Summer Camp
and found out that all Freshman make the team!
His goal for the first meet, was to race the 3 miles course with a time of between 20 and 21 minutes.
He participated in the Crescenta Valley Invitational, on September 8th, 2010 and surprised everyone with a time of 20:02 minutes coming in third place for his school as a Freshman!
But for Nicholas, it wasn't good enough...
He continued to train hard and improved his time throughout the season;
His best time, 18:29 minutes, at Mount SAC's Invitational, on October 22nd, 
put him in 22nd place in the Frosh Division!

Crescenta Valley Invitational - 9/8/2010

League Meet #1 - Castaic Lake - 9/23/2010

League Meet #2 - Central Park - 10/14/2010

League Meet #3 - Central Park - 11/04/2010

Needless to say that I am very proud of my boy! 
He has trained hard throughout the season and his efforts have payed off! 
He is now considering making Cross Country his priority next year and the following years, with the goal to race Varsity for at least 2 years...
I believe he can do it!
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall 2010

Every year, during the month of October, we go and visit Lombardi Ranch in Santa Clarita, CA.
The kids and myself love to walk through Scarecrow Alley
and see all the entries for the Scarecrow contest.
We also love to go through the corn maze and take a train ride around the ranch.
Their is always music from a live band and lots of fun food like shaved ice and corn on the cob.
But for me, it's always a great opportunity to photograph the kids!
Unfortunately, this year, Nicholas wasn't able to make it... Soccer games! But I had a great time with Anthony and Christina and captured some great shots of the two of them:

We had a lot of fun, just the three of us... We also got to pick out some great pumpkins to carve into Jack O' Lanterns and bought some fresh corn on the cob to take home
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