Friday, July 30, 2010

Pyramid Lake 2010

This past Wednesday, July 28th,
we went for our annual trip to Pyramid Lake
for some Jet Skiing Fun with our good friend: Greg Timbers.
It was a beautiful day and as usual, we all had a great time.
The kids took turn Jet Skiing with Greg as he is more experienced
than Allan and can really give you a thrilling ride!

After a great morning,
we decided to have lunch. And while we were sitting on the beach
eating our sandwiches, The Hartigans show up!
What a small world!! Turns out, they go to Pyramid Lake every year
for a company picnic. Of course, the kids asked if they could go "tubing"
with them! Christina and Hailey had a blast
and the boys experienced a major "Splash down"
after the raft got turned over! It was all good fun!

Even John and Beverly got to try out Greg's Jet Skis!

It was a beautiful day and the memories
will stay with us for a long time (or until next year)!
To see more photos of our trip to Pyramid Lake, visit:

Monday, July 19, 2010

AYSO Nationals - Florida

We flew to West Palm Beach, Florida, on July 5th
to attend the AYSO Nationals.
It was a lot of fun and all the Crew boys and their family
had a wonderful time.
This was a tournament like no other:
it all started with Opening Ceremonies on July 6th, in the evening.
The boys proudly paraded around the field.

Coach Allan was pretty happy and proud too!

Then, on July 7th, it was Soccerfest; the concept is simple: take 12 teams, divide them up into twelve different teams taking one player from each of the original team. The newly formed team get to play two games and each player get to play with players from all around the country. That was a lot of fun!

Here are the Crew boys waiting to get divided into separate teams.

Each boy got a new jersey!

This was Anthony's team during Soccerfest:
Allan and Coach Antonio also had to coach a different team:

On July 8th, the real competition began;
the Crew played 5 games in three days.
They played well and ended up with a record of 3-2.
They finished third in their pool of 6 and 11th overall out of 24 teams.
Not bad for a U11 team playing against a bunch of U12 teams!

No matter how hot and humid it was, the parents were always there to cheer the boys...
and win or loose, we were all proud of them!

Of course, our trip would not have been complete without spending some time at the beach...
And their is nothing better after a soccer game than to jump in the ocean and have fun with a bunch of good friends!

What a fun time and what wonderful memories... To see more photos, visit my website at: