Thursday, April 22, 2010

Photowalk #6: Placerita 4-9-2010

I have been so busy in the last two weeks
that I completely forgot about my "52 Photowalks" project!
I took these photos on April 8th at Placerita but completely forgot about them until yesterday!
I went there with Christina and her best friend Sammy.
Placerita has many hiking trails and we chose the Waterfall Trail since there was still water in the creek.
We didn't get to the waterfall though... the girls got tired
of walking after 45 minutes. So we turned around and went back.
Here are a few a my favorite shots:

Some day, I will go back and try to go all the way to the waterfall...
but I was told I had to do it in the Spring while there is still water in the creek!
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Emilie - April 2010

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing young Emilie,
who is just about 27 months old.
Toddlers are often difficult; They do not want to sit or pose for you.
That is why I like to just shoot in a documentary style and try to capture their personality.
Emilie was no different; She was excited and didn't want to sit still! So we played ball,
picked flowers, smelled them and sang some songs! Eventually, I managed to get some great shots, without Emilie even knowing that she was being photographed!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Photowalk #5: Westfield Mall

Last Wednesday, March 31st, was a Mandatory Furlow Day for me. I was off while Allan was at work and the kids were at school. Perfect day for a Photowalk, except that the weather forecast called for scattered showers. Since I didn't want to venture out somewhere without the possibility of shelter, I decided to go for a walk around the local mall. The Westfield Mall, in Valencia, CA is a pretty big mall and I hadn't been there since they added "The Patio". I wanted to see what it looked like and was especially interested in the architecture of the new section. I think I managed to take a few decent shots even though architecture is not my thing!

Well that's it for this week. To see more photos from my "52 Photowalks" project, visit my website at:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pet Photography: Rocky and Catie

Dogs have always been a part of our family. When I was a kid myself, I had many dogs. And then when Allan and I moved to California, we bought a Female Golden Retriever to keep Allan company while I stayed in Montreal to finish my internships. This is also when we bought our first camera! Back then I used to take tons of pictures of our dogs... we didn't have any kids yet! And then, the kids came along and became my favorite subjects to photograph! I also stopped taking photos of the dogs because I wasn't happy with the results anymore. Having learned to appreciate a good photograph (good composition, lighting, etc...), I didn't like my candid photos of the dogs anymore.
But last week end, after finishing my photo shoot with the kids, I decided to try and capture our two dogs, Catie and Rocky. With the help of my daughter Christina and lots of dog treats, I managed to get some pretty good shots.

Catie is an old girl (12 years old) and is very sweet and calm.
The problem is, she just wants to lay down, close her eyes and go to sleep.
She is mostly serious and often looks sad.
But the Catie that we know is very happy, often "frisky" and loves to get a good pet!

Rocky is 5 years old, and easily excited!
He loves to play fetch and hide and seek with the boys but also enjoys just snuggling up with the kids while they are watching tv.
He was so excited to get all those treats and had a hard time staying still for the photos.
But Christina managed to keep him attentive while I shot these.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

The kids - Spring 2010

Kids change so quickly it is hard to keep up! Mine are growing so fast and changing everyday! So last week end, I decided to have a little photo session with each one. I normally prefer to shoot outdoors with available light but decided to try something new...

Nicholas is now thirteen years old (a teenager) and is very self conscious. He is no longer a kid but not an adult yet and he is slowly defining his personality. He likes to dress to "fit in" and wears skinny jeans and flat billed hats. He just got braces this month and is still getting use to them. His smile is akward still and when he tries to be serious, he looks angry! This was not an easy photo shoot... but I think I manage to capture the "real" Nicholas!

Anthony is 11 years old but almost as tall as his older brother. He is so tall that people often can't believe that he is only 11! He is a little bit of a "Goofball" and can be pretty clumsy at times. His style is the complete opposite of his brother; he couldn't care less about what he wears and what he looks like! He will still wear t-shirts backwards and miss-matched socks and he doesn't care! He is the creative one in the family and loves his music.

Christina... she is 8 years old and reminds me of myself a lot! She is sensitive, compassionate and loves animals! She has a very strong personality: she knows what she wants and is very persistent! She is also the baby of the family and the only girl so she demands a lot of attention! We like to call her our little "Drama Queen" since she likes to exagerate everything! But she was also my most tolerant model, willing to try anything for me!

I love my three kids and can't believe how quickly they are growing up... To see more photos from this session, visit my website at: