Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Family Portrait Tips

Since I am organizing a Family Portrait Fundraiser for VUSC, I thought this might be a good time to give my clients some tips on how to make their experience and the resulting images successful!

What to wear:

Coordinate but don’t match. Avoid logos, busy patterns and trends that will look dated in years to come. Wear colors that mesh well together but do not compete for attention. Various shades of the same color, neutrals and dark colors work well. Make sure that you are coordinated from head to toe; we might want to take full-length portraits. Since this is a photo session in the park, casual would be best. But most important, remember to dress comfortably. A comfortable person is a happy person!

Consider hairstyles:

Remember that outdoors can be windy. Even mild wind can mess up a delicate hairstyle. Be sure to use lots of hairspray and stick to hairstyles that still look good even if they are a bit imperfect.

If young children are in your group, make sure that they are well rested and fed (although the same goes along for adults!). You can also pack up a favorite snack (something that’s not messy), toys or object of comfort that could be included in the photos.

Bring props!

Consider bringing props to create a theme; how about a blanket and a basket to simulate a picnic? If the whole family likes a certain team, consider posing wearing your favorite team’s jersey! If you have a musical family, bring your instruments! You get the idea… I always like to include some fun shots at the end of a session.

I hope these simple tips help you prepare. If you have a special request or a question, do not hesitate to contact me before your session! After all, we want to spend as much time as possible shooting… in my experience, the more I shoot, the more the people in the photos start to relax. And the more relaxed everyone is, the better the photo!

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