Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Pictures-Week of 9/14/09

So I have decided to start this new blog post titled: A few of my favorite pictures. Every Wednesday, I will post photographs I have taken over the weekend. These could be from soccer games, family portrait sessions, or just while with the family. For me, it's a reason to hurry up and edit all the photos I took over the weekend. Sometimes, there are so many (especially when there is a soccer tournament) that it's hard for me to get started. So I have set a goal: to edit all the photos by Wednesday so I can pick my favorite ones for this post!
This week, I have decided to focus on facial expressions! Since I have only shot soccer games this weekend, all the following photos are action shots.
So without further due, here are my favorite photos from Saturday 9/12 & Sunday 9/13:

Well that's it for now, see you next Wednesday for a few more of my favorite pictures!

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