Sunday, January 8, 2012

Headshots 01/06/2012

Got a new camera for Christmas and I have been playing around with it to get used to it. 
One of the feature on the camera is the ability to use the pop up flash as a transmitter for another flash, enabling wireless flash photography. 
I am not a big fan of flashes and prefer using natural light whenever possible. 
But having the ability to use a flash off camera is a major asset. 
So last Friday, I set up my external flash to fire remotely 
and decided to have a little impromptu photo session. 
My subjects: Nicholas, Anthony and Christina A.K.A my own kids. 
After all, they were available and I thought it was time to get some new head shots anyways. 
So here are a few of my favorite images from that session:
To see more photos from this session, visit my website at:

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