Sunday, January 22, 2012

League Cup - AYSO U10 Girls EXTRA Team

Last week end was the beginning of League Cup for the AYSO program. 
The Canyon Country U10 Girls Extra team played one game, on Sunday. 
They played in Moorpark against Camarillo who finished in first place during the regular season. 
The girls played well... very well! 
The score was still 0-0 coming into the fourth quarter. 
Unfortunately, with only a few minutes left in the game, the referee called for a foul inside the keeper's box, resulting in a penalty kick for the other team; 
they scored and Canyon Country ended up losing 1-0. 
This was still quite an achievement and coaches, players and parents 
were very proud of the way they played. 
Here are a few photos from that game:
To view more photos from the game and from other games played by the Canyon Country AYSO U10 Girls EXTRA team, visit my website: Nathalie Seguin Photography

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